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Northland is a region that has some of the highest power costs in the country and we want to help our people reduce these costs and put money back into their pockets. 

RFL Charitable Trust has joined forces with a major national power company to create a residential power option for our RFL community. This is guaranteed to be the lowest price in the market on the day and provide immediate and ongoing savings to our community. 

There are 96k residential lines in Northland, our partner has an existing market share of 25% and the barriers to switch for customers are large (possibly complacency, lack of power education or financial hardship) but we think we have the best chance to break down these barriers with RFL
and this program.

RFL will provide the support and education needed to allow your community to make an informed decision about their power. And should they choose to switch, the transition will be seamless, including specialised support for customers with financial hardship or debt with their current provider.

As part of the program, for every household that switches to the RFL program from their current provider, the household will receive a $100 power credit! In addition to this, a further $100 per switch will go back to your club and $100 to RFL.

To participate in this trial, we just need you to fill in the form below, but please make sure you fill out all questions and attach a recent copy of your power bill.

If you have any issues with the form, please send us a message to [email protected]


Please complete the form, attach a recent powerbill and press submit. Please only press submit once, it will take a few seconds to load your bill and show the form has been submitted.

If you need help resizing your bill, try one of these handy tools:

smallpdf.com/compress-pdf (PDF size compression)
www.simpleimageresizer.com (Resize images, not cropping)
tinypng.com (Compress images)